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Hypnotherapy/hypnosis Smoking cessation toronto

Smoking Cessation help refers to the support, resources, and interventions available to individuals on How To Quit Smoking.

Some people turn to hypnosis or hypnotherapy to quit smoking. 

Hypnosis & NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) are tools in my toolbox.  I believe hypnosis & NLP have their place in quitting smoking, but let's also go deeper and find out what else is going on in their life.

Behaviours rarely happen in isolation, so I take both a holistic approach to your overall health & fulfilment, and ALSO target and help you quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can seem challenging due to the behavioural associations with smoking.  Many people try the patch, hypnosis, NLP, cutting down on cigarettes week by week, and more.

Smoking cessation help aims to provide assistance and guidance to make the quitting process more manageable and successful.

It typically involves a combination of various strategies, both medical and behavioural, to address the physical and psychological aspects of smoking.


Smoking could also include vaping, cigars, and other substances.


We always hear about the "addictive nature of nicotine", or that smoking is a "habit".

Although nicotine and habits could influence your smoking behaviour, it's not the real underlying reason.

The main reason most people smoke is because they've associated it to meet one or more of their needs.


Beliefs Make You Want To Smoke?

Certain behaviours start from certain beliefs about how to fulfill our needs. 

If you engage in a certain behaviour, it's because you've associated it to meet one or more of your needs:

Certainty: to feel comfortable and at ease

Variety: a change of state, novelty, excitement

Significance: feel special and seem

- Love & Connection: feel love & connected with people

Growth: developing & improving 

Contribution: giving beyond yourself

For example, you may smoke because you've associated it with:

Certainty: you know exactly how you'll feel when you smoke, and you also feel relaxed

Variety: It changes your state and therefore how you feel in the moment when you're stressed

Significance: You feel "cool" and important because when you first start smoking you were one of the "cool kids"

Love & Connection: You feel connected to other people when "social smoking"

Smoking might be what you think is the best way to meet your needs, especially if you have beliefs like:

- I'm not worth it
- I'm weak
- I'm too lazy 
- and so forth


To help in breaking the subconscious associations with smoking, we can also use hypnosis & NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), aka "waking hypnosis".  

They are simple & safe modalities to target the subconscious mind.  Note that we may or may not use these modalities.  These are tools in my toolbox that we may use if we feel like they will help us get our results.

Call Today to break these smoking associations so you can move forward in life & experience freedom.

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