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keynote speaker toronto

Life Coach Giovanni is a Keynote Speaker for hire here in Toronto for conferences, corporate events, and meetings. 

Guest Speaker Giovanni believes in natural motivation by tapping into what naturally motivates people, but is not a "Motivational Speaker" in that he doesn't believe in temporary pump-ups. 

Giovanni's main focus is How To Feel Self-Love in yourself, and to help you have successful relationships.

Inspirational Speaker Giovanni finds that productivity, longevity, and overall individual and group happiness start from feeling self-love.

Self-love & getting back to who someone really is allows people in your group, company, or organization to MAXIMIZE their skills & abilities, while also contributing to a healthy work and group culture.

Looking for an engaging speaker for conferences, corporate events, and meetings, feel free to contact Giovanni to see if he's the right fit for your team goals.

Call (647 231 5727) or email ( Giovanni to tell him about your group, company, or organization, and to set up a day & time for the presentation.

benefits on hiring a keynote speaker

Hiring a keynote speaker for a company event can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Providing expert insights and perspectives: A keynote speaker can offer unique insights and perspectives on topics related to the event theme or industry.

    This can help inspire and motivate attendees, and provide them with valuable knowledge and ideas to take back to their work.


  2. Setting the tone for the event:

    The keynote speaker can help set the tone and energy for the event.

    By delivering an engaging and inspiring talk, they can create a positive atmosphere and encourage attendees to participate in the event activities.


  3. Boosting engagement and participation:

    Keynote speakers can help increase attendee engagement and participation by providing interactive sessions or workshops that involve the audience.

    This can help create a memorable experience for attendees and increase their enthusiasm for the event.


  4. Enhancing the company's reputation:

    By bringing in a well-known and respected keynote speaker, a company can enhance its reputation and credibility within the industry.

    This can help attract more attendees and increase the company's visibility.


  5. Providing networking opportunities:

    A keynote speaker can also provide networking opportunities for attendees, allowing them to connect with other professionals in their industry and build valuable relationships.


Overall, hiring a keynote speaker can help create a successful and memorable event that provides value to attendees and enhances the company's reputation within the industry.

how to feel
self-love presentation

People work with Life Coach Giovanni when they feel stuck in their dating lives, or in relationships, or at their job, or in their business, or when they’ve been trying to lose weight and they just can’t seem to do it.

And you know the main reason Giovanni found that is keeping them stuck?
Not feeling Self-Love.

In the presentation, Giovanni shows you:

- the MOST COMMON PATTERN IN THE WORLD among humans (which is the exact pattern that’s keeping them from loving themselves)

- the most common conditioned patterns people do to try to get love

- how to break free so you can feel what's natural, which is Self-Love

Call (647 231 5727) or email ( Giovanni to tell him about your group, company, or organization, and to set up a day & time for the presentation.

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