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is life coaching covered by insurance?

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Is Life Coaching Covered By Insurance?
Yes, Coaching & Hypnosis may be covered through your Employee Wellness Spending Account/Program.


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Some employers & insurance plans offer wellness programs or employee wellness spending accounts that provide benefits for a variety of services related to health and well-being, which may include life coaching and hypnosis in addition to other services like gym memberships, nutrition counselling, and stress management programs.

These programs are often designed to promote the overall well-being of employees and may cover services that are not typically covered by traditional health insurance.


The availability of coverage for life coaching and hypnosis through an employee wellness spending account or program will vary depending on your employer and the specific benefits they offer.

You should check with your HR department or review your employee benefits package to understand if such services are covered and what the specific terms and conditions are.


Keep in mind that even if your employer offers coverage for these services, there may be limits on the amount of coverage available, and you may need to meet certain criteria or participate in wellness programs to qualify for the benefits.

It's important to communicate with your employer or benefits administrator to get more information on the coverage options available to you.



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